25 years ago, Forté introduced the concept of 3PL to the freight industry.

Unlike other 3PL’s today, many of which started as a carrier or a broker and then incorporated the 3PL concept, Forté defined it. The model was completely unique. Recognizing the myriad of problems that resulted from a huge communication gap between carriers and customers was the beginning step in the development of the first 3rd Party Logistics company in the industry, Forté Transportation Logistics Corp.

Having decades of experience in the freight industry on the carrier side, Forté President Bruce Buchanan faced first-hand the challenges that arose from this communication gap.  The carriers were not set up to dedicate the amount of time or effort it takes to get to know the customers and their unique circumstances, and the customers were not freight savvy; ultimately costing everyone time and money. Forté was created to “Solve the Problem” and continues to go by that motto today.

“When you hire Forté you’re not just getting a competitive transportation program – you’re getting an organization that works as part of your own.  Daily, and at every level, we have people with decades of transportation experience proactively assisting our customers with their transportation needs.  Having an export shipment arrive at port two days after the ship sails is not the time to realize that the price was secondary to ensuring the product met the sailing. Carriers and brokers focus on price and leave the rest to the customer to decide. Forté takes it to the next level. Our consultants take the time to understand intimately the needs of each customer and know that each customer’s needs are going to be different and will differ at different levels within the organization. Forté recognizes this and brings the expertise to ensure that all requirements are met in each circumstance.”  -Bruce G. Buchanan, President Forté Logistics

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