Free “Snapshot” Service

It’s surprising how an outside eye can help you find ways to simplify and streamline your transportation operation. The Forté “Snapshot” is a free evaluation that looks at your operation and helps you identify areas to improve service and optimize cost.

Our specialists “walk the dock” and get to know your physical operation-from how your doors are set up and shipments are packaged to the modes of transport you use. We take photos and get descriptions of major items and compare them with the NMFC for proper descriptions and classification (which are subject to change and expiration without notice).

We evaluate sales and marketing objectives, various documentation, payment and cost containment, and perform a pre and post audit.  We will even evaluate your past bills to identify immediate savings for your company. Combining what we learn through this careful analysis with our industry expertise, we will make recommendations for ways to improve service and optimize cost.

Freight Payment Service

Simplified Invoicing

Your freight invoices from one or multiple carriers can be sent directly to Forté where our billing auditors will carefully review each one.  After we have checked for errors we will issue payment on your behalf.  We will then consolidate ALL of your invoices into one simplified, easy to read weekly invoice.  Your custom-tailored invoice will outline the details you want in the same easy to read format every week. Don’t worry, Forté maintains detailed records of past invoices for quick reference and to ensure that duplicate payments aren’t made.

One invoice, once a week, one transaction.

This service is provided for our shipping customers, and available for customers who handle their own shipping.

Pre and Post Auditing

A US Senate sub-committee found that up to 38% of all shipping invoices were wrong. Forté’s Pre and Post Auditing process combines proprietary auditing software with highly trained and experienced auditors who review each individual invoice to identify errors and discrepancies. We will help you fix the problems as well as make suggestions to insure they do not continue to happen.  Allow our experts to handle all of this behind the scenes before you even see an invoice when you take advantage of our Simplified Invoicing service, saving you time, hassle and, most importantly, money.

Simplified Reporting

Information you want, when & how you want it, Every time.

  • Financial Reports
  • Service Reports
  • Historical Reports

Different carriers have wildly different reports. Muddling your way through these reports can be tedious and time consuming. Let Forté consolidate one or multiple carriers’ reports and create the ONE report you need with just the information you want, in a consistent, easy to read format.

Tracking and Tracing

Getting your goods to the right place and on time is critical to your operation. When the pressure is on, knowing where the shipment is and that things are under control is the only thing that brings peace of mind. We make it our responsibility to not only trace shipments, but also to research the surrounding circumstances of a shipment’s progress. If a hold-up is detected, Forté will immediately look for alternative solutions to ensure that the shipment arrives on time.  To keep anxiety to a minimum, we provide ongoing tracking reports that keep you up-to-date on all your shipments and their whereabouts, and when they are expected to arrive.

Have a special or critical shipment?

Occasionally a delivery requires special attention. Simply call us and let our experts keep a watchful eye on it.  We’ll carefully track your package while keeping you updated on its progress until it successfully reaches its destination.

Contact us to see how we can make your life easier.