LTL Service

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping allows multiple shippers to share space on the same truck. It is cost efficient, with multiple companies paying for their portion of trailer space. The less than truckload (LTL) shipping route is ideal for businesses who have freight shipments less than 5,000 pounds.
Priority Service provides fast-transit delivery of time-sensitive freight to meet your supply chain needs.

Economy Service offers reliable, cost-effective delivery when you can trade time for savings.

TL Service

If less than truckload shipping doesn’t meet your needs, then full truckload shipping might be for you. Shippers use full truckload when:

  • There are enough items to fill an entire truck.
  • The customer prefers a whole truck dedicated to their goods.
  • The freight is time sensitive.
  • The weight makes it more cost effective than less than truckload.

With full truckload (TL), shipments typically travel on only one truck with one destination, so delivery time estimates are often accurate and fast in comparison to less than truckload (LTL) shipping.
The chance of possible damage to items during transit also decreases since there is no handling of the freight at multiple stops. Truckload (TL) also makes sense when the freight weighs more than 15,000 pounds, or the company has more than 10 pallets worth of goods to transport.

Volume Service

For shipments that weigh greater than 4,000 lbs. or use at least 10 feet of trailer space up to a full (28-foot) trailer, check out our flexible pricing and transit times. Let us put your volume shipments in the right lane at the right price.

Hot Shot Service

Across the county or across the country, we can handle your hot shot shipment.


Intermodal uses two modes of freight, truck and rail. There are about 25 million containers moved via intermodal shipping each year.

  • The railway system requires less fuel than road transport lowering costs and contributing to a greener environment.
  • North America’s comprehensive rail network makes it possible to send shipments from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and everywhere in between.
  • When you need to make additional space on your dock or prepare and load a shipment over the course of days, dropped intermodal container fees are minimal in comparison to full truckload.


Whether you need a step deck or double drop deck trailer, when it comes to heavy equipment shipping of oversize/heavy haul loads, construction equipment shipping, or specialized transport, we have relationships with experienced and knowledgeable carriers who specialize in this area of service.

Temperature Controlled Service

Contact us to determine what service is best for your shipping requirements.